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Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Debuts Self-Service Pickup Lockers

Restaurant franchise debuts Tray’s DineSafe contactless system that includes self-service kiosks and pickup cubbies.
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Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, a new concept by New York franchise operator Stratis Morfogen, is rolling out Tray’s new contactless software suite that includes a modernized automat food locker and virtual drive-thru system.

It works in conjunction with digital menus, self-service kiosks and mobile and in-app ordering. 

“The people behind Tray are basically answering all the present issues that we’re facing in our industry,” said Stratis Morfogen, Founder, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop. “Tray is addressing these issues with creative technology this industry has never seen before.” 

Reinventing the Automat and Drive-Thru

Tray’s DineSafe Automat and Virtual Drive-Thru allow customers to order and pick up their food with minimal staff and touchpoints. 

Customers can order from their cell phone, or scan the QR code on the dumpling shop’s ordering kiosk. Their order will be sent to Tray’s glove-enabled kitchen display system. Customers will receive real-time order status updates via digital menu boards and text messages. Once the order is complete, it will be placed into a self-sanitizing, temperature sensitive food locker. Customers will receive a QR code that will unlock the appropriate locker. 

Tray’s DineSafe virtual drive-thru solution includes designated touchless kiosks that display a green light when meals are prepared and ready to be picked up from a designated food locker.

Brooklyn Dumpling has reduced the fulfillment time between order and pick-up to under 3 minutes without any human interaction or physical contact. 

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