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BJ’s Restaurants Revamps Website with Hyperlocal Focus

BJ’s Restaurants Inc. said it launched its new online ordering process, the final step in the rollout of the restaurant’s new fully-integrated website. BJ’s enlisted Columbus-based digital agency Dynamit for the website revamp and began unveiling the new features in phases beginning in September, including location-specific content, dayparting capabilities and real-time updates on available seating.

BJ’s and Dynamit collaborated to create a website that mimics the in-restaurant experience a user would receive in their local BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. Through geolocation features and input from the local restaurant teams, the new website delivers hyperlocal content to the users as soon as they land on the home page, including the nearest restaurant, real-time seating availability, location-specific menus and in-house beer offerings.

“While we operate 186 restaurants and counting, it was important that we highlight each individual location in order to deliver the information most pertinent to the local user,” explained Kevin Mayer, executive vice president, chief marketing officer of BJ's Restaurants Inc. “BJ’s is committed to providing that local experience and now, thanks to our redesign with Dynamit, our website is a reflection of that commitment.”

The integration of the new online and mobile ordering process, which finalizes the website revamp, now allows users to seamlessly create their carryout menu of choice, without interrupting their navigation of the main website. Additional functionalities of the new website also include dayparting, which presents users with content appropriate to the time of day (i.e., lunch information at noon), and the "Taste Buddy,” an innovative feature that provides food suggestions based on user preferences – just as a server would provide at the table.
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