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Menu & Nutritional Analysis

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Menu & Nutritional Analysis.

5 Ways Food Allergy Technology Makes Restaurants More Profitable

Guests with food allergies want and deserve the same dining experiences as their non-food allergic friends. Your use of technology can make you their venue of choice.

8 Ways to Advertise Your Restaurant's QR Codes

Restaurants should consider linking the QR code to some part of their marketing rather than the menu, since customers will theoretically already be aware of it.

QR Codes, analytics and more can improve operations and marketing.

This new integration will enable restaurants to use MenuNet to create their contactless menus and Raydiant to manage the display of menus in real-time, from anywhere.

M2 QR Code Technology replaces disposable menus, offers new marketing opportunities for operators and suppliers.

Drive-thru customers were treated to roses, a violinist and a caricature artist in while waiting for a LTO dinner for two.

Guests access the restaurant's food and beverage menu by connecting to a special WiFi network, which pushes the digital menu to the guest's smartphone, tablet, laptop or other WiFi-enabled device.  

System transmits digital menus onto guests' personal smart devices

Solution lets guests view dynamic menus, see prior orders and favorite items, send orders directly to the kitchen, track their order status, and pay their bill.

In a post-pandemic society, restaurants will need to lean on their loyalty programs to bring diners back, and can use loyalty tech to address personal safety concerns by incorporating non-contact payments, online menus and online ordering.

Guests simply scan a tableside QR code or NFC tag to view the restaurant's menu on their own mobile device.

The latest tools deliver an array of support from POS to ordering to delivery options.

Boonli manages online menus, payment and distribution

This Rhode Island institution needed a software solution that would seamlessly integrate with the POS and would facilitate management of multiple menus.

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