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Automatic Minibar Saves Energy and Costs

Bartech has announced the introduction of Neobar, the most environmentally friendly automatic minibar on the market. The Neobar line is a new generation of automatic minibars, designed to help hotels and resorts in their "eco-friendly" initiatives, while providing additional benefits through the creation of additional revenue and reduced expenditures.
Bartech's Neobar models utilize an energy efficient compressor cooling unit, as well as the latest in commercial grade cooling solutions, such as cyclopentane insulation and climate-friendly R600a refrigerant, to achieve power consumption of less than 0,35 Kwh per day. In addition, a space-age eutectic plate mounted in the rear of the unit provides over 12 hours of cooling without consuming additional electricity, once the target temperature has been reached. These factors help Neobar to draw 70% less energy than typical absorption minibars.
When using Neobar in combination with Bartech's Computerized Energy Saving System (C.E.S.S.), energy consumption levels can be lowered even more dramatically to only 0,20 Kwh of power in a 24-hour period. The C.E.S.S. monitors cooling production according to whether a guestroom is designated as vacant, occupied or out of order. This feature generates a savings of up to 30% depending on occupancy and the hotel's preference for the level of cooling.
While focused on the environmental impact of Neobar and reducing the power needed to run the automatic minibar, Bartech did not lose sight of a minibar's influence on guestroom ambiance and guest satisfaction. In comparison to a standard refrigerator that gives off 40 decibels of sounds, the Neobar is incredibly quiet with an output of only 24 decibels.
Hotel guests will not only be pleased to find a nearly silent minibar in their room, but a study conducted by Travelocity reveals that they may actually give a property who has installed green minibars a better review. When looking at all of their hotel review data, Travelocity concludes that travelers prefer hotels with eco-friendly initiatives over their counterparts. This makes upgrading to a Neobar automatic minibar even more beneficial for properties that strive to obtain high ratings on guest review sites.
Staying true to their mission to be the only automatic minibar vendor to offer fully customizable design options, Bartech is able to custom build Neobar to fit the unique design needs of any property. As with all of Bartech's models, Neobar may be constructed to blend with guestroom dÉcor and can be further customized with the choice of wooden or glass door embellished with the hotel's logo, based on a property's preference.
With the same control capabilities as other minibars of the Bartech range, Neobar allows hotels and resorts to make their minibar operation profitable while providing the best of service quality.
Bartech is the only minibar provider to incorporate three different types of sensor technologies into their advanced product design. Providing infrared, magnetic and micro-switch sensors allows Bartech minibars to use the most effective and reliable technology for each type of product dispensed, maximizing reliability and efficiency of the minibar operation and minimizing guest disputes.
Bartech also offers the most technology choices of data communication methods for minibars and servers than any other company. By using one of five options, including the wireless ZigBee platform, Wi-Fi, coax cable, twisted pair or Ethernet communication, each hotel can adopt the most cost-effective and efficient technology solution to seamlessly integrate minibars with their property management system.
The revenue generation and cost saving properties of Neobar are due to its highly efficient energy consumption, in addition to the basic benefits of converting to an automatic minibar operation. Hotels are often able to reduce the number of minibar attendants on staff by 75% simply by switching to automatic minibars. Labor costs are minimized when these minibar attendants are reassigned to other guest service tasks or have their total number of required work hours trimmed. In addition to the payroll cost savings, hotels deploying automatic minibars routinely increase revenue from minibar sales, while maximizing guest satisfaction.

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