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Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Michal Christine Escobar is Hospitality Technology’s Senior Editor, with a concentration on the hotel industry.  She has more than five years of experience as a B2B journalist. She is responsible for the hotel beat at the magazine and often writes about AI, VR, IoT and other emerging technologies affecting hospitality.



HappyOrNot Partners with Raydiant to Add Real-Time Customer Feedback Applications to Interactive Screens

The integration of HappyOrNot’s customer friendly feedback solution within the Raydiant Marketplace, will enable businesses to close the feedback loop and gain real-time insights into customer and employee sentiments. 

Neurotechnology Releases NCheck Visitor Management System for Convenient and Accurate Biometric Visitor Access Control

Utilizing biometric identification, the NCheck VMS solution is designed to manage visitor access to any institution or company, including clients, guests, suppliers, tourists, travelers and more.

PPDS Sustainability Strategy, Innovations to Help Hoteliers Reduce E-Waste and Enhance Green Credentials

PPDS reaffirms commitment to delivering environmentally conscious solutions, while also helping to reduce running costs with energy efficiency and extended lifetimes.

Current Trends and Opportunities for Hospitality Operators Across Mobile Ordering

To really understand the opportunities that mobile ordering offers operators, it is also necessary to understand the trends in guest demand and how and where mobile solutions have grown and are being employed by both operators and their guests to meet it.

How to Build Your Hospitality Team With Next-Generation Talent

As hoteliers continue to face staffing challenges through the holidays and into 2023, adopting new strategies that attract the next generation of hospitality workers today will have a greater return on investment tomorrow.  

The Savvy Hotel Guest: How Travelers Are Changing the Way They Experience Digital

As guests adopt a multichannel approach, hotel brands can align with new demands by creating a cohesive omnichannel experience that ensures customers can seamlessly pick up where they left off.

NFTs Are Not a Loyalty Program Replacement, So Don't Treat Them Like One

In this exclusive interview with Cindy Wyant, CEO of RHUE Resorts, learn how her company will be using NFTs to draw in consumers, what she thinks is the most interesting thing about them, and how NFTs completely differ from traditional travel loyalty programs.

At Hilton, Tech Plays a Large Role in Supporting 2023 Travel Trends

Hilton’s 2023 travel trend report reveals that consumers want engaging, frictionless experiences that are also sustainable. Technology will be required to make all of this happen.

Market Snapshot by Knowland Delivers Key Market Insights in a Fast, Easy-to-Consume, and Share View

Platform feature adds self-service market trends to better guide group sales strategies and grow market share.

Fully Mobile: Visual Matrix Integrates MOP Housekeeping Management System into PMS, Expands Platform Capabilities

First Direct Integration in the Industry Using the New HTNG Express PMS API Specification