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Senior Editor, Hotels
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Michal Christine Escobar is Hospitality Technology’s Senior Editor, with a concentration on the hotel industry.  She has a decade of experience as a B2B journalist. She is responsible for the hotel beat at the magazine and often writes about AI, VR, IoT and other emerging technologies affecting hospitality.



Pizza Hut Australia Suffers Data Breach, But How Bad Is It?

The pizzeria claims approximately 193k customers were affected by a breach it noticed in early September, however, ShinyHunters claims it infiltrated the company’s systems undetected for more than a month and has stolen information on approximately 1M customers.

The Case for Modernizing Your Customer Value Score

Customer scores drive many important resource and staffing decisions, but most of these scores are derived from incomplete and highly flawed data.

CASE STUDY: How Chili’s Grill & Bar Uses Tech to Deliver a Great Guest, Staff Experience

By upgrading its kitchen display system, Chili’s now has access to an unprecedented amount of data that it’s using to improve operations and the guest experience.

Elevating Group Sales in the Revenue Management Mix

Without incorporating group data into sales and revenue management strategies, we can never completely accomplish total revenue management.

How Digital Signage Can Support Hotel Food and Beverage Sales

With digital signage, hotels can create customized menu boards for restaurants and bars that include user-generated visuals, showcasing local specials, seasonal ingredients, and real-time updates to food and beverage offerings.

How Sharing Information Between Hotel Departments Via Tech Is Changing the Future of Hospitality

Hotels are breaking down the walls between departments and improving their knowledge and situational awareness of the marketplace — powered by PMS technology.

The Total Cost of Ownership in Guest App Software: Navigating Between On-Premise, SaaS and Agency-Built Solutions

It's an opportune moment for CIOs and CTOs to reevaluate the TCO of their existing or soon-to-be Guest App Software.

CASE STUDY: Gekabi Chub Cay Private Island Resort Cuts Energy Use in Half

Energy waste is unacceptable at this island resort because it’s completely disconnected from any larger power grid and must produce every watt of power used on the island.

Uncovering the Advantages of a Cloud Communications System

Most PBX equipment is nearing the end of its lifecycle as many hotels purchased their PBX system 10-15 years ago. Like any aging technology, it requires ongoing maintenance which is getting harder and more expensive to provide.

From AI to the Cloud: Revolutionizing the Guest Experience in Hospitality with Modern Communications Solutions

Now is an ideal time to evaluate your organization’s digital transformation and how modern communication solutions can help meet guest and employee expectations.