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App Enables Event Managers to Promote in Real-Time

NXTV Quadriga has announced the launch of its new mobile-based communication platform “QDelegate.” QDelegate is an app that allows hotels and event organizers to promote their events directly to guests in real-time, enabling them to access relevant information in a format familiar and easy to use encouraging them to interact, purchase and drive new revenue opportunities.
QDelegate is a new mobile application for event delegates, which can be tailored to each individual event, providing access to all event-related information and real-time updates. QDelegate provides a tool for hotels to add to their conference package and attract new business, and for event organizers provides a means to differentiate and add value to their service and offer an unsurpassed event experience.
Offered as a standalone application or integrated with NXTV Quadriga’s Sensiq TV platform, QDelegate is compatible with multiple mobile devices. Event content is simply loaded into QDelegate and includes schedules, presentations, speaker profiles, attendee lists, maps, logistics and exhibitor listings. The QDelegate mobile app keeps pertinent conference information stored in one easy to use location, reducing the need to carry documents, eliminating excessive paperwork, and adding to green initiatives to help save the planet.

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