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Air Canada Centre Employs Virtual Concierge to Improve Guest Services

Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment Ltd. (MLSE) and Toushay Inc. are deploying an in-suite tablet-based service to enhance guest experience. MLSE is working with Toushay, an Ottawa-based innovator in mobile customer service applications, to run an initial deployment phase at Air Canada Centre. The solution provides Executive Suite guests the opportunity to browse and order merchandise, including custom jerseys, in addition to other guest services.
Toushay's service has enabled an incremental channel of engagement to provide value added services to Executive Suite guests. With Toushay's innovative cloud-based solution and services, MLSE has the ability to create, deploy, update and manage its in-suite concierge application. The initial phase was primarily focused on merchandise and custom jersey ordering from Real Sports Apparel at Maple Leaf Square, with the added benefit of integrated digital signage. The program will continue efforts focusing on merchandise sales for the remainder of the season while looking for additional service opportunities within suite and restaurant services.
The MLSE current deployment with Toushay is scheduled to run through the end of the NHL season.

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