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Access Smart Releases Power LogOn Administrator 4.0

Access Smart LLC, developer of data and security management solutions through the use of smartcard technology, announces the debut of Power LogOn Administrator 4.0 for mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.

The solution enables an IT manager to customize individual smartcards that provide safe access to data and can be customized to grant access to facilities, on-site cashless transactions, secure, remote network access and other employee conveniences.

"Managers not only need to make sure their facilities and confidential data are secure, but new privacy protection laws are requiring them to secure their networks containing the private information of employees and customers or face hefty fines," says Dovell Bonnet, founder and CEO of Access Smart.

The packaged version of Power LogOn Administrator allows an IT manager to assign and issue smartcards with variable rights, privileges and passwords to each employee given authorization to network, data files and web accounts.

The access data on the smartcard is secured using Triple Data Encryption Standard and Power LogOn software stores this information either on the smartcard or the secure network (i.e. Active Directory). The employee does not need to remember, type or even know their access information.

The smartcard can also be combined with an identification badge, so the same card that grants access to the facility is the same card that permits access to a company's network. Additional features such as secure, off-site access to company data and cashless purchases for food and supplies can also be added to the card, providing additional perks to employees, while maintaining a high level of logical and physical security. Depending on the customization required, Power Logon can be implemented in as little as a few days or a few weeks.

Power LogOn can also provide broad support for a system's certificate-based authentication mechanisms, providing convenient, portable storage for certificates and private keys. Enterprises benefit from enhanced security for their existing authentication methods while also taking advantage of smartcard protection for PKI-enabled applications or simplifying any future migration to PKI.

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