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Will Maggiano's New Tech Investment Attract, Retain Guests?

Select Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant locations are implementing the Mocapay enabled "Mobile Wallet" and eNational Payments' location-based, geo-fencing platform at. Building off of the recently announced strategic partnership between Mocapay and eNational Payments, this announcement further illustrates the importance of mobile marketing and loyalty programs for merchants across all business verticals.
The test launch with Maggiano's is being conducted in select locations across the country. As part of the launch, eNational Payments will implement a geo-fencing platform within a two-mile radius around each location. Geo-fencing, or location-based marketing, is a virtual perimeter that adds the dimension of a users' location, which can help ensure messages are relevant to both your consumers' preferences and their location.
Additionally, Maggiano's customers will be offered Mocapay's mobile suite to provide loyalty and gift coupons. Through the eNational Payments "Gold Rewards" Mobile Wallet, customers will be able to pay and reload their mobile accounts, check transaction histories, receive customized, pertinent loyalty and reward offers and find the nearest Maggiano's store locations -- all from the convenience of their mobile phones.

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