White Castle to Pilot Vehicle Recognition Technology in Drive-Thru

Mastercard’s AI powered drive-thru platform using Rekor’s vehicle recognition technology will begin on-location pilots at White Castle locations in October and will roll out with other QSRs later in the year.

Mastercard is integrating Rekor Systems' subscription-based Edge proprietary vehicle recognition technology into its AI Powered Drive Through Platform. The platform will begin on-location pilots at  White Castle  locations in October and will also roll out with other quick service restaurants later in the year. 

The pilot is White Castle's latest addition to its long list of restaurant technology innovations. White Castle has teamed up with Miso Robotics to pilot Flippy, Robot-on-a-Rail (ROAR) in its kitchen

Mastercard says the AI powered drive-thru platform can help QSRs transform their drive-thru or drive-in interactions through vehicle recognition, voice ordering and artificial intelligence.

Frictionless Vehicle Recognition 

Mastercard’s platform leverages aggregated spending patterns and store level data to customize the ordering experience. Consumers can opt-in to receive personalized and dynamic menu offers based on historical purchasing trends either based on the specific restaurant’s location or the individual consumer. The solution also reduces friction within the ordering process by removing the need to wait for an employee to take an order, enabling staff to focus on order throughput.

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