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When it Comes to Vision, Size Doesn't Matter

Sometimes, size does matter. Bigger firms have the resources to reach farther, try harder, and invest more. Other times, the tiny can be mighty, too. In the arena of technology innovation, it’s anyone’s game. A large, established brand can reinvent the music and content delivery industry to leave competitors scrambling. Small firms can become Google-backed billionaire-makers seemingly overnight.

What unites them both, the big and the small, is vision. Vision to find a hole, see the opportunity, and reach. In our corner of the tech world, we at Hospitality Technology look for vision in how hotel companies large and small are using technology for betterment of service and operations, and we honor them with our annual Hotel Visionary Awards. As would be expected, big companies often have big ambition, and the resources to make good. Think industry firsts and multi-vendor integration projects that end up driving change across the hotel industry. Meanwhile, as those mechanisms churn at large firms, smaller hotel management companies and independent properties are looking for ways to improve the guest experience or roll out their own “firsts” at their properties.

It’s a core objective of the Hotel Visionary Awards to ensure that both the industry firsts and the fiercly independent are recognized for their efforts. This year’s winners do just that — they represent the multiple faces of innovation happening across the lodging industry.

Hilton Worldwide ushered in a sweeping industry first when it developed a choose-your-room capability for guests on a global scale. One property, the historic Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, had the vision to reinvent its guest check-in process in a way that would honor both its architectural significance and its plans for the future. The 14-property SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts conducted a complete infrastructure overhaul that would touch nearly every property system and wrangle multiple vendors.

We’re excited to share their stories. For complete profiles of this year’s winning companies, check out this month’s cover story. And when the ballots are cast for 2016, size won’t matter. We hope you toss your hat into the ring.

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