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What's New in Upserve's Online Ordering Platform?

The platform's new features are designed with both the restaurant and customer in mind, streamlining online ordering restaurant profits.

Upserve grew its Upserve Online Ordering capabilities, adding in-demand features that make fulfilling online orders easier for restaurant owners and staff while delighting guests. These new features are designed with both the restaurant and customer in mind, streamlining online ordering restaurant profits.

The update announced today is available immediately to all restaurants using Upserve Online Ordering, and is the first major update since Upserve first launched Online Ordering three months ago.

"It's so efficient and saves us so much time," said Kenn Pluard, owner of Kenji's Ramen & Grill in Vancouver, Wash. "Five minutes saved that we don't have to take an order by phone, plus five minutes we don't have to spend taking payment."

The new features in this release of Upserve Online Ordering include:

  • Embed online ordering on restaurant websites – In addition to a dedicated ordering site, restaurant owners can now embed Upserve Online Ordering widgets directly inside their own websites, providing a seamless customer experience.
  • Integrated loyalty program - Restaurants can seamlessly enroll customers into their Upserve Loyalty program with every online order.
  • Increase average order size - Restaurants can nudge loyalty program members to add to their order when they're close to earning a reward, increasing average order size.
  • Create online ordering guest lists for targeted marketing - Using Upserve's popular Guest Book, restaurants can compare spending behavior of Online Ordering Customers with other customer segments, and export information for targeted marketing.
  • Place online orders with social login - Restaurant customers can use their Facebook or Google login without having to create a new account to place an order
  • Take online orders days in advance - Restaurant customers can now order up to seven days ahead, and restaurants can send "Your order is ready" notifications by email or text. This feature is particularly useful in attracting lucrative office catering orders.
  • Precise delivery zone selection - Restaurants can select their precise delivery zone by selecting an area on a Google map.
  • On the fly alerts - Restaurants can customize alert notifications when online orders arrive, freeing staff from pinning in just to check on the online orders queue. This feature will be available with Breadcrumb Point of Sale version 2.15.1, later this month.


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