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Upserve Makes Online Ordering Easier for Restaurateurs

Upserve, a Restaurant Management Platform, unveiled Upserve Online Ordering, optimized to grow loyalty and integrated with Breadcrumb POS by Upserve, to give restaurateurs a streamlined, user-friendly process to fulfill online orders without the headache of managing multiple menus, transcribing orders or ballooning commissions. The company also announced the growth of its third-party online ordering network, optimized for new customer acquisition.

Despite rapid adoption by diners, many restaurants struggle to offer online ordering because of the expensive, time-consuming and disorganized process it creates. Restaurants who work with many online ordering services quickly find each requires its own complex setup, equipment, and processes. And once an order is received (by fax, email or to one of a half-dozen tablets littering a crowded bar), it must be transcribed manually by busy staff members into legacy point of sale systems, because modern online ordering systems can’t talk to antiquated, 1990s-era point of sale relics.

In contrast, when a restaurant using Breadcrumb POS 86’s a popular item that has run out or changes an item’s price, the Upserve Online Ordering menu quickly updates to reflect the change, eliminating the need to call into third party services or wait hours to see changes. Upserve also syncs these changes automatically to all third-party ordering networks integrated with Upserve.

Available today, Upserve Online Ordering is completely integrated with the full Upserve platform, and is included at no additional charge with a subscription to Upserve Pro. There are no per-order fees or commissions, and all payments are settled next-day via Upserve Payments, in the same consolidated batch as other restaurant sales.

Upserve also announced continued growth of its integrated online ordering network in the Upserve Marketplace, adding Menufy, Chowly and Open Dining to a list that already includes Grubhub and Seamless. Distribution via third-party online ordering networks can help restaurants acquire new customers. Restaurants using these systems can manage all of their orders, both in-house and takeout, from Upserve HQ. These integrations allow restaurants to staff more efficiently, save time on menu updates, consolidate faster payments and free space on the crowded bar or host counter.

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