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Upserve Acquires Breadcrumb POS

Upserve announced has acquired Breadcrumb from Groupon creating the industry's largest cloud-based restaurant management platform serving more than 6,000 restaurants in every U.S. state.
Bringing together Breadcrumb's mobile Point of Sale with Upserve's smart management assistant allows Upserve to deliver the most complete suite of solutions purpose-built for restaurants to increase profit, improve guest experiences, lift productivity, and reduce costs.
Breadcrumb, founded by Seth Harris in 2011, was acquired by Groupon in 2012. The product is a fully featured point of sale system for restaurants, bars and nightclubs built to run in the cloud and on Apple iPad devices. Like other Upserve software, Breadcrumb is delivered as a service through an affordable subscription model. Restaurants use the point of sale software to manage tables, fire orders, track labor costs, customize menus, accept payments and more.
Upserve is the smart management assistant serving up clear guidance that makes restaurants thrive. Upseve connects the dots between point of sale, reservations, online reviews, payments, and more. Restaurants use the management assistant to optimize the menu, check staff performance, build guest profiles, track reviews and organize key information into one place.
Seeds for the acquisition were first sown when Breadcrumb and Upserve teams began integrating the two systems through an informal commercial partnership in late 2015. Demand for the combined products was strong, with the collaboration accounting for nearly a quarter of Breadcrumb's new customer growth in recent months. The integration allows restaurants of any size to effortlessly manage staff, menu, guests and more. Upserve also integrates with legacy point of sale systems like Oracle Micros or NCR Aloha, helping restaurants operate a hybrid PC-based technology environment alongside modern systems purpose-built for the cloud.
Among the expected benefits of the acquisition:
Accelerated growth -- serving the same restaurant customer, Upserve now offers a more complete suite of POS and restaurant management tools, contributing to faster growth.
Simpler for customers -- Combining Upserve with Breadcrumb POS not only provides better information, it also reduces costs, mitigates hardware risks and reduces vendor-management headaches for restaurateurs.
Better customer support - Upserve is singularly focused on hospitality and recognized for its great customer service. Breadcrumb's escalated support organization remains in place, and will be a focus for growth and improvement during the integration.
Stronger product leadership -- Rosie Atkins joins Upserve as Vice President, Product. She is a hands-on, results-oriented leader who previously led product at Breadcrumb and OpenTable.
Robust payments - Upserve has significant payments expertise, handling billions in annual volume. The Breadcrumb payments gateway integration with Upserve Payments benefits customers with enhanced features, reliability and ease of use.
Open platform - Upserve integrates with all major restaurant point of sale systems, Breadcrumb integrates with all major payment processors, and the combined platform integrates seamlessly with many third-party software packages. Restaurants are free to choose the right tools for their business without concern over closed systems.
Groupon is exchanging all Breadcrumb assets for an undisclosed, minority stake in Upserve. Employees from Breadcrumb will join Upserve's team in San Francisco, Chicago, Providence and New York. 
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