Wendy's Reveals Next-Gen Design

Optimizations enhance the digital-forward customer experience, designed to deliver greater convenience, speed and accuracy today and into the future.
Wendys global next gen drivethru
Wendy's plans to open the first Global Next Gen restaurant in New Albany, Ohio, in the spring.

This fall the Wendy's Company will reveal its new Global Next Gen restaurant that was designed with the customer, crew and digital experiences in mind.  

The Need for Speed & Convenience

Wendy's new traditional restaurant builds will feature a sleek and modern design with an optimized layout and next-generation technology with an emphasis on convenience, speed and accuracy.

"To accelerate our business and expand our footprint across the globe, we must consistently meet the needs of our customers, however they chose to engage with Wendy's, whether that's through a digital platform or in the drive-thru," said Wendy's President and CEO Todd Penegor. "Global Next Gen enhances the customer experience across ordering channels and streamlines operations for our crew, all while creating better returns for franchisees."

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Global Next Gen includes the following design features and technology to better serve today's customers:

  • Delivery Pick-Up Window: A dedicated delivery pick-up window and delivery parking makes it more convenient and quicker for delivery drivers, who previously needed to enter the dining room, to grab orders and go. This design also shifts traffic out of the drive-thru line where customers are waiting, so crew can focus on taking and fulfilling orders more quickly, efficiently and accurately.
  • Dedicated Mobile Order Pickup: Global Next Gen features mobile order parking and pick-up shelving in-restaurant. Customers select a pick-up time when placing their mobile order and upon arrival, park in a dedicated mobile order parking spot, grab their meal off the mobile order pick-up shelving and enjoy their Wendy's favorites.
  • Reimagined Kitchen: A new galley-style kitchen design, which runs from the front to the back of the restaurant, increases efficiency and oversight for crew across all sales channels. The kitchen design allows for efficiencies at the point of sale, provides the ability for crew to slide between positions more easily throughout the day and supports faster order fulfillment and culinary innovation.
  • Next Generation Technology: Global Next Gen comes alive through the next generation of modernized technology that works hard behind the scenes, allowing restaurant teams to handle significantly more digital business than before. This also provides a platform for forward-leaning technology innovation.     
  • Optimized Infrastructure: New restaurants will use more efficient building elements such as lighting and HVAC to decrease energy usage and costs. 

"As the first restaurant brand to offer a modern pick-up window more than 50 years ago, Wendy's continues its legacy of design and innovation with Global Next Gen," said Penegor. "Our new global restaurant standard unlocks opportunities at the intersection of innovative design and technology, bringing us one step closer to our vision of becoming the world's most thriving and beloved restaurant brand."

Wendy's plans to open the first Global Next Gen restaurant in New Albany, Ohio in the spring 2023.

For more about Global Next Gen, visit Wendy's log, The Square Deal, for a Q&A with Abigail Pringle; President, U.S. & Chief Commercial Officer Kurt Kane; and Chief Information Officer Kevin Vasconi.

Wendy's carryout counter
This new Wendy's design is focused on convenience and features mobile order parking and pick-up shelving in-restaurant.
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