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Wendy's to Launch Loyalty Program in Early 2020


Early next year Wendy's will roll out a loyalty program. During a Q3 earnings call with analysts, Todd Penegor, President and CEO, said the program will be a points-based program. 

The QSR plans to drive awareness of all its mobile offerings and to incent customers to sign up. Creating a seamless, more frictionless experience "will encourage customers to come back,” he said.  

The company needs “to really make sure that, the experience for not only our employees, but for the customers becomes seamless when they're utilizing all of the mobile tools that we're putting in place,” he said.

Currently about 2% of the QSR’s sales are from digital channels. It’s an area that’s forecasted to grow to 10% by 2024. "When you think about digital … clearly going from 2 to 10 is a journey," Penegor explained.  "A lot of our 2% is driven by delivery today. As we move forward to get more balanced … think about what we're doing around delivery, what we're doing around mobile ordering, and even kiosk and select trade areas."

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Wendy's leverages social media, mobile app to drive sales of Spicy Chicken Nuggets, a fan favorite.

Spicing Up Social Media

Spicy Chicken Nuggets, a fan favorite, has been driving a lot of customer social media engagement for Wendy’s – “even before national advertising turned on,” Penegor explained.

Spicy Chicken Nuggets garnered 2 million Twitter likes. The Spicy Chicken Nuggets relaunch was promoted in its mobile app and through DoorDash. To commemorate the milestone, Wendy's gave away 2 million Spicy Chicken Nuggets through DoorDash from August 12 through August 19. 

This led to an increased awareness of our digital platforms as we doubled our number of mobile ordering transactions during the promotion,” he added. 

By all accounts the relaunch was a hit.  “The customer response exceeded our expectations,” said Penegor.

Wendy's Q3 earnings release is available here

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