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wefi Reveals Wi-Fi Connectivity Trends at Leading National Coffee Chains

wefi has revealed Wi-Fi connectivity trends at national coffee chains including Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tully's and Panera. The company analyzed Wi-Fi speeds and application usage patterns of customers at these establishments. The report found Starbucks, Tully's Coffee and Dunkin Donuts to lead in fastest Wi-Fi download speeds and highest total data consumption. Google Chrome, Facebook and YouTube are most used applications by coffee shop patrons.
The National Coffee Association reports that 61 percent of Americans drink coffee daily, making the stopover at the local brew house a popular ritual. With coffee shops becoming a popular destination for both work and play, bandwidth connectivity has become a key differentiator for businesses especially as 39 percent of Americans would rather give up coffee over Wi-Fi, according to a recent Broadcom survey. Forward-thinking coffee establishments continue to ensure that their patrons don't have to make that decision.
When looking for the fastest download speeds, Starbucks has consistently performed better than competing coffee shop chains. However, the most data consumed per device occurs at Dunkin Donuts with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter driving the most data usage. Google Chrome was by far the most popular application, with over 18 minutes of foreground data consumption (amount of time an application is open and active), per device on average, closely followed by Facebook (16.78 min.) and YouTube (14.8 min.)
Additional detailed findings include:
Coffee Shops with the fastest download speed
Starbucks (0.18 mbps)
Tully's Coffee (0.15 mbps)
Dunkin Donuts (0.13 mbps)
Coffee shops with the highest total data consumption
Dunkin Donuts (47.45MB)
Tully's (27.75MB)
Starbucks (24.26MB)
wefi collected data from more than 45 million hotspots based on the implementation of its intelligent network selection solution within multiple cable operators throughout the U.S. The metrics are based on a 30-day average of Wi-Fi speeds for each location starting from August 1 to August 31, 2014.
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