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VenueLytics Unveils VL Enterprise to Help Stadiums, Resorts, Casinos, and Restaurant Franchises Increase Revenue

VenueLytics, a provider of integrated venue management and customer experience platform and AI Automation, announced VenueLytics VL Enterprise. The platform provides a comprehensive digital concierge solution combined with marketing and promotional tools to engage and improve customer experience and generate incremental revenue.

Venues can use VL Enterprise to track the number of visitors in real-time by gender, keeping employees informed of any significant activities occurring in the venue, whether it’s the need for medical services, evacuations, or simply replenishing cash or supplies. It also provides services to track tournaments, games, deals, and more. The VenueLytics backend system is a cloud–based big data platform with full client-dashboard for remote management and control.

For example, customers at a casino or hotel can order a drink or food via their mobile phone and have it delivered directly to them, or check the wait-time at a gaming table. For the vendor, the platform can also be used to promote and up-sell other concierge services, or provide coupons and deals for restaurants and nightclubs along with 24/7 automated services.

VenueLytics VL Enterprise can be used for:

  • Reservation Management - Manage table/bottle service requests, floor maps, and guest lists in real-time
  • Private Event Management - Manage private halls booking for corporate events, private parties, product launches, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, etc.
  • Real-Time Analytics - Track the crowd in the venue, various services currently being offered, and predictions to provide a personalized experience to guests.
  • Wait Time, Games, Tournaments - Provide real-time information about wait times, game/tournament details, league information, etc. to customers
  • Food & Drink Services – Allow guests to prepay or submit orders while at the venue via their mobile device
  • Fast Pass Service - Enable consumers to skip the line by paying a premium cover charge
  • Events & Tickets -  Promote events with Online & Offline ticket sales
  • Way Finding & Valet Services
  • Real-Time Alerts - Share amongst designated employees at any time.
  • Automated Guest Engagement with 24/7 support

Venues can also track and enhance a customer’s experience real-time via a white-labeled consumer mobile app, and/or through the “ItzFun!” consumer app.

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