Valyant AI Expands Metric-Driven Features

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Valyant AI, a Colorado-based artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on customer service in the quick-serve restaurant industry, has launched advanced new enterprise AI capabilities, including passive conversational AI, voice-ordering kiosks, and interactive mobile, text and call-ahead ordering. 

These features are designed to streamline workflows and improve the overall customer experience; the technology unlocks key metrics that provide unprecedented insight into businesses, offering operators actionable recommendations aimed at improving the bottom line.

Valyant AI’s passive conversational AI platform: 

  • Updates digital display boards based on request to save time in the drive-thru while providing a more enjoyable experience. 
  • Accelerates employee training by prompting answers to customer questions, improving the experience for both the customer and the employee. 
  • Displays tailored upsell messages to both employees and customers on digital menu boards through AI data that incorporates age, gender, emotional sentiment and a myriad of other factors. 
  • Provides real-time, actionable insights on all customer-employee interactions in the drive-thru to improve future performance. 

Through proprietary conversational AI software, Valyant AI enables restaurant kiosks to employ voice-ordering. Kiosk menus can be confusing, but adding conversational AI ensures customers won’t get frustrated and opt out of the experience for a human or require employee guidance through the ordering process.

With the rise of mobile apps playing an increasingly important role in food orders, incorporating conversational ordering into those apps allows for quick and frictionless ordering experiences. This new offering allows customers to quickly and efficiently find their favorite food items and make the appropriate modifications via a brand’s mobile application. 

Valyant AI has also developed a proprietary text conversation engine that integrates into mobile responsive websites, social media channels and other digital infrastructure to allow customers to place orders simply by carrying on a text conversation. The software can field all incoming calls, answer questions about directions, operating hours, wait times, reservations and, most importantly, it can take all customer orders and automatically push them into POS systems for payment and fulfillment.


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