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Trust International Launches Japanese Language CRS

Trust International's yourVoyager Central Reservation System (CRS) for hotels is now available in Japanese.

The new Japanese language version is the first of several Asian language versions being developed by Trust, and marks a substantial investment in the rapidly expanding Asian travel industry for the company. Trust launched yourVoyager just 10 months ago and almost immediately began developing a comprehensive Japanese version.

Trust's yourVoyager fully supports multibyte character sets that enable data entry and content display in Japanese for all aspects of the reservation process, including room and rate details entered in the hotel-based CRS. Trust's fully customized booking solution includes all features adapted for local Japanese requirements. For example, Japanese guests' names will appear in Kanji and/or Hiragana.

Rather than merely offering the industry norm of translated static text, Trust translates all other free flow text, text boxes, confirmations, statistics and reports in Japanese and Chinese characters, including Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana.

yourVoyager provides the following features for hotels:

  • Enhanced intuitive usability and clear navigation: supported by contextual online help. Links to other applications or information to enable easy inclusion in the yourVoyager portal
  • Fully customizable: white label version customizable for hotel group
  • Fully flexible in functionality allowing hotels to create different versions of yourVoyager for different user groups, i.e. reservation department or revenue management team
  • Multi-lingual application: all screens and help pages are translated in the chosen language
  • Performance dashboard: the group or the hotel can choose to implement additional information such as performance and message dashboards with key performance indicators at a glance and quick communication with member hotels
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface enables hotels to continue to benefit from an advanced central reservation platform and design a hotel's very own tool set that supports their day-to-day needs.
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