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TravelClick Launches Guest Messenger Feature

In an increasingly digital and mobile world where consumers rely heavily on their smartphones, TravelClick, a global provider of cloud-based and data-driven solutions for hotels to maximize revenue, said it launched a new Guest Messenger feature, which is integrated into TravelClick’s Guest Management Solutions (GMS). With this tool, hoteliers can have text conversations with guests before, during and after stays to not only further engage guests and personalize the guest experience but also build loyalty.
Guest Messenger allows hoteliers to send marketing messages via text to all opted-in guests who are on the property, converse with guests individually, set up email notifications to alert staff to respond to messages and store conversation histories on the GMS guest profile to personalize future communications based on preferences. Hoteliers can also chat with guests via Facebook Messenger and WeChat if preferred, with other messenger app integrations on the way.
TravelClick’s GMS is focused on creating the best possible guest experience, which includes keeping guests engaged through their preferred communication channels, like texts. This not only strengthens on-property communication, but it also gives guests another way to interact with an hotelier on a more personal level. Additionally, Guest Messenger’s ability to tie entire conversations to the guest profile ultimately gives hoteliers more data and a chance to get smarter about guests’ wants and needs, opening the door to drive more revenue.
TravelClick plans to deliver additional value to customers by integrating its Guest Management Solutions with its Reservations & Booking Engine Solutions. The future integrations will mean a truly holistic solution for TravelClick customers to grow revenue, build consumer loyalty and improve performance.
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