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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Communications.

Eclipse Hotels Group Guest Satisfaction Scores Rise an Average of 5.3% After Implementing Workforce Communication Tech

Guests are especially impressed by the physical condition (5.9% increase) and cleanliness of rooms (3.8% increase), and with the timeliness in which their requests are being handled (2.2% increase). 

Luxury Cayman Villas Adds Technology to Standardize Workflow, Create Seamless Communication

With most guests arriving on property for very special celebrations, it was vital for the Luxury Cayman Villas to have effective communication among staff and with guests to enhance the guest experience.

Theatro’s intelligent voice assistant elevates the guest experience and drives team engagement at the new Coyote Valley Casino.

Guest room assistant offers seamless integration with hotel IP-PBX systems to replace outdated guest room phones.

Designed for dynamic operating environments, cloud-enabled dispatch console enables feature-rich team communication, real-time location tracking and message record/playback.

Hoteliers can leverage this multi-channel solution – the most popular communication app in China – to enhance communication with guests.

ALICE helps Montage Los Cabos improve communication flow across the resort, directly impacting guest reviews.

Installing a cloud-based phone system can give guests the impression that your boutique hotel is run just like a major brand.

Task manager, data checklist and biometric authentication features to streamline operational management in retail, hospitality and aviation.

Communication platforms that enhance the guest experience and employee efficiency, increase revenue, and integrate seamlessly with other tech solutions are most useful.

Hinfo offers guests both an auto translation of hotel compendiums and messaging capabilities in their preferred language without requiring a hotel tablet in every room.

KNOWCROSS will help hotel address challenges with internal staff communication and guest resolution tracking.

MTT allows amplifiers to receive cellular signal from multiple cell towers at the same time and improves cell signal in large commercial buildings including restaurants and hotels.

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