Top POS Stories from November: Self-Service, Cloud & More

Each month, Hospitality Technology recaps the top point-of-sale headlines from across the hotel and restaurant industry. In case you missed them the first time, here's what happened in November: VeriFone snagged a mobile retail solutions provider, Einsten Noah chose NCR Radiant for a system-wide POS implementation, and experts dished on protecting payments in the cloud.

Plus, insight from HT's exclusive self-service study revealed critical insights into how self-service options at the POS can reduce customer walkouts due to long lines.

Here's the full line-up of November's top POS headlines:

Boyne Resorts Overhauls POS, Adds Mobile with Squirrel Rollout
Boyne Resorts selected Squirrel Systems' Squirrel Professional POS software for its food and beverage operations at four Michigan and Montana resorts.

VeriFone Acquires Global Bay to Expand Retail Mobility Strategy
VeriFone Systems, Inc., acquired Global Bay Mobile Technologies, a provider of mobile retail solutions.

Einstein Noah Chooses NCR Radiant for POS

The quick service bagel chain plans to install the NCR Radiant solution by the end of 2012, and will leverage POS, back office and kitchen production capabilities, among others.

Zoup! Installs Nextep for Complete Front of House Solutions

Zoup! chose NEXTEP Systems' Foundation5 platform for enterprise rollout at all 40 locations and future locations.

Stop Customer Walk-outs with Self Service Tech

HT tracks consumer attitudes toward self-service technology, and discovers that mobile apps, kiosks, and other customer-facing tools can help prevent disgruntled customers and walk-outs, over long lines.

Inside the Social Couponing Conundrum
Cornell's Center for Hospitality Research offers real insight into consumer use patterns for well-known sites such as LivingSocial, Groupon, and; with that, the firm also helps hotels and restaurants determine if participation is the right choice.

Protecting Payments in the Cloud

As a growing number of applications are moved into the cloud, CIOs must ensure that their customers' transactional data is still safe. HT provides insight into the PCI Council's latest guidelines for protecting payments in a virtual environment.
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