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Tableside Ordering

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Tableside Ordering.

SevenRooms Introduces Contactless Order & Pay

SevenRooms, a fully-integrated, data-driven guest experience platform for hospitality operators, launched Contactless Order & Pay, streamlining the in-restaurant ordering and payments experience for guests. Contactless Order & Pay provides operators with a contact-free soluti

Red Lobster Revamps Loyalty Program

Red Lobster's new loyalty program is a three-tier system that rewards the most loyal guests with added benefits based on the total number of points accumulated throughout the year.

SkyTab offers Order- and Pay-at-the-Table solution, including customer engagement and marketing tools.

New prototype is half the size of a typical location and includes kiosks and tableside ordering.

Since adding Presto's pay at the table, Denny's has seen improvements in staff efficiency and a significant increase in guest feedback via Presto’s survey feature.

HT analyzes data representative of 18,845 locations and compares restaurant innovators to laggards while highlighting how segments are addressing technology strategies and issues differently.  Sponsored.

hotel stock teaser size

“Checking In For F&B” report reveals a complimentary meal, a loyalty program for food & beverage and a personalized approach would make a hotel brand stand out.

Chick-fil-A has integrated Near Field Communication into the table numbers, which enables guests to simply tap their phone on the table number to check in.

Tableside combines hardware with POS software for an integrated order- and pay-at-the-table solution.

Benefits of and best practices for implementing tableside payment.

Technology will change the way restaurants are laid out and how customers interact with brands.

Today's consumers are compelling hotels to activate under-utilized areas with technology, broadening their customer base beyond just those checking in.

Servers can also use tablet e-menus to place customers orders.

Self-ordering technology can enhance the customer experience while improving the restaurant's operational efficiency, bottom line.

According to HT's 2014 Restaurant Technology Study, tableside ordering and payment devices are the single largest growth area in full service restaurants, with a third of respondents planning a rollout by the end of next year. Vendors are rolling out new solutions — including those that are mounted at the table and those that servers carry — that allow for mobile payment, faster table turns, upselling and more. Restaurant operators are turning towards tableside devices to incorporate payment functionality while enjoying longer battery life, upselling and more.

Guests scan or NFC tap a Ready QR code on their table with their phone, which directs them to the menu.

Fiesta Restaurant Group's renewal plan is heavy on tech investments.

Bloomin’ Brands maps out a digital strategy to remove customer pain points and create a nimble infrastructure.

Money will be used for R&D, to support the company’s expansion

Ready minimizes wait times, reduces staffing costs and improves customer experience.

The Fort Restaurant’s customers can review their bill, split the check, apply the tip and process the payment.

Key considerations for enabling mobile options for customers who want self-service

The busiest location has posted a 500% increase in revenues from additional ordering at the table.

Digital technology has become a game-changer and is streamlining ops and engaging restaurant patrons across all industry segments.

For the investment to show returns, restaurants must determine how they will encourage downloads and regular usage.

Find out what the associated benefits are, as well as how Apple's iPod touch and iPhone are putting handhelds in an even brighter light.

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