Ziosk Launches New PRO Server Tablet

a woman standing in front of a tablet

Ziosk announced today the official launch of the Ziosk PRO Server Tablet,  designed specifically for both casual and fine dining, and quick service restaurants.

Created to address ongoing obstacles, the PRO provides its users with five key benefits: efficiency, versatility, productivity, ease of use and support. Ziosk’s cloud-based solution enables immediate service, instantly and accurately relaying orders from anywhere in the restaurant to the kitchen, saving more than five minutes per table, and accepting payments on the spot. This immediacy subsequently eliminates trips to the point-of-sale (POS) system and order input errors. The tablet’s portability and fully integrated POS capabilities also make it suitable to be both customer- and staff-facing in multiple service models, including to-go, bar, patio, curbside and more.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the ruggedized yet sleek device is intuitive, requiring minimal training for servers and ultimately providing support for ongoing tasks. Focused on leveraging intelligence and analytics, the PRO offers Intelligent Alerts to guide steps of service, helping the team to stay one step ahead of guests’ needs. With the PRO, servers can now reach more tables and expedite ordering, freeing up time to focus on high-touch, high-engagement interactions and provide a quality guest experience.

Once implemented, restaurants will have access to analytics that indicate how the tablet is both changing and improving the restaurant experience, as well as insights that help operators better understand their guests and bottom line.

The tablet will support the use of coupons, gift cards, loyalty, surveys and accept payment at various check points whether it be quick-service, casual or fine dining. The PRO is available now, with several rollouts planned for nationwide restaurant companies.

For more information about the PRO Server Tablet and other Ziosk offerings, visit https://www.ziosk.com/platform/devices/.

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