Tabe's Fleet of Mobile Catering Vehicles Better Equipped to Handle Lunch Rushes with Mobile Payment Tool

Tabe Foods, San Diego's premier mobile cuisine has selected Precidia Technologies Inc.'s TransNet payment engine solution. Tabe Foods operates a fleet of mobile catering trucks. The solution was recommended and implemented by Red River POS, an authorized Casio dealer and provider of hardware and software POS solutions. This solution allowed Tabe Foods to fully integrate fast credit, debit, gift and loyalty payments with a Casio POS system, with transactions processed over a wireless network. Serving a busy lunch hour clientele in multiple locations, Tabe Foods required a fast, wireless payment solution for its mobile catering vehicles.

Ideal for the restaurant and foodservice industry, the TransNet solution features three elements: the TransNet software, the POSLynx220 payment router, and the NetVu/MerchantVu management server. Working together, these elements deliver fast, secure and managed payment processing to any certified processor. The POSLynx220 is a secure multiport router that acts as a fortress for cardholder data, with firewalling and encryption. It also offers automatic dial back-up and routing to multiple processors. The NetVu management server, and its derivative, MerchantVu, deliver a suite of monitoring, management and reporting features. These features include remote deployment, theft and network alerts, transaction logs and archives and customized reports.

Tabe Foods required a solution that would allow them to accept payments at various locations from their catering vehicles. Using the POSLynx220 to power a wireless modem and integrate a Casio system, Tabe Foods was able to achieve fully integrated wireless payment processing. "This solution gave us a simple, cost effective path to processing all payment types," says Sunny Kwon, president of Tabe Foods. "Working with Red River POS, we were able to integrate payments easily, and we now have access to all of our transaction data, including cash transactions. This solution performs reliably and has many features that appeal to foodservice operators."

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