Swiftrank Adds 13 Major-Market Travel Sites to International Network

Swiftrank has launched 13 major market-specific websites, each offering rates on local hotels in some of the world's most sought-after destinations. These full-featured websites showcase the best hotels in popular travel markets, such as Boston, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and other key regions around the globe.
The 13 new content-rich websites are part of Swiftrank's existing cloud-based network of more than 12,000 travel-related websites. The sites offer consumers an interactive hub for market-specific travel planning and provide hoteliers with a program to drive international travelers to book reservations directly on their websites. The new sites offer detailed trip-planning information like upcoming events, popular local attractions and even curated tips from dedicated local bloggers. Consumers and hoteliers alike benefit from Swiftrank's "global to local" approach, giving travelers from across the world detailed insight into specific destinations, while providing hotels with the opportunity to reach a broad, international pool of traveling consumers.
The major-market hotel websites launched this month are: BostonHotels.com, CapeTownHotels.com, FlorenceHotels.com, HongKongHotel.com, JerusalemHotels.com, HotelLondon.com, MontrealHotels.com, RioDeJaneiroHotels.com, StockholmHotels.com, SeattleHotels.com, SydneyHotels.com, TelAvivHotels.com and VancouverHotels.com.
The Swiftrank websites provide leading hotels with opportunities to connect with international consumers planning to visit these markets. Each site offers premium positioning for Featured Hotels, with prominent home page and interior page placements. Unlike other major online travel sites, Swiftrank websites provide Featured Hotels with direct links to their own proprietary websites, driving highly profitable direct bookings. Swiftrank caps the number of hotels listed on each site at 20, ensuring that the featured properties receive maximum exposure to prospective guests.
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