Subway Installs Self-Service Kiosks at Drive-Thru to Give Customers Total Control

A number of Subway locations are scheduled to install a second generation self-service drive-thru system that enables customers to place orders through touch screen kiosks.

 and MRI today introduced a new concept of touch screen drive-thru kiosks that empower customers, improve order accuracy and efficiency, boost up-sell opportunities and can increase revenue. NEXTEP is a leading software developer of intuitive touch screen ordering, digital menu boards and online ordering solutions for the foodservice industry. MRI is a leading hardware manufacturer of reliable, high-performance indoor and outdoor digital displays and self-ordering kiosks.
With hardware developed by MRI and software developed by NEXTEP, this next generation drive-thru concept is an innovative, direct self-ordering interactive device for outdoor use at a typical quick-serve restaurant (QSR). Orders are placed directly by the customer using the interactive touch screen on the 32" high-bright portrait style display. The display allows for use in direct sunlight while the robust touch screen supports customer interaction with bare or gloved hands in dry or wet conditions.
The concept follows a number of successful pilots of the first generation drive-thru system implemented at Subway franchises throughout the U.S. in both warm and cold climates. For franchisee, Rob Woodward, pilot drive-thru systems implemented at Subway locations in Loveland, Colo., and Alliance, Neb., created a more efficient drive-thru experience, helping to increase sales by an average of 10-15 percent and providing rapid payback on the system.
"Investing in drive-thru self-serve technology has helped us increase our sales and differentiate our customer service from the competition," says Woodward. "Customers love the easy-to-use and frustration-free self-service ordering experience. In an industry driven by measurable sales and customer satisfaction, the rapid payback we've experienced shows that the systems play a significant role in helping our drive-thru operations thrive."

Key features
Several Subway locations are scheduled to integrate the second generation self-service drive-thru system, including two of Woodward's Subway stores located in Loveland, Colo., and Cheyenne, Wyo. The advanced features of the next generation drive-thru kiosk include:
  • A 32-inch interactive touch screen designed for optimum viewability that allows drivers to order at the kiosk with just a touch of a finger. Gone is the garbled, disembodied voice of the attendant trying to understand and repeat orders. The customer controls the ordering experience.
  • An ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen's brightness level, depending on the brightness of the surroundings. Even on the sunniest days, the screen will appear razor sharp.
  • A special screen feature called DPS (Display Positioning System) displays the information right where the driver touches the screen. So whether a family is ordering from a Hummer or a Hyundai, the screen information will be right at eye level.
    A proximity sensor detects an approaching vehicle and displays a welcome screen and voice prompt, so the device is ready to accept orders as soon as the car or truck pulls up.
  • A bar-code scanner and credit-card reader enable payment as soon as the food is ordered. No need to fumble with change or signatures at the window; customers can just grab their food and be on their way.
  • A webcam option that allows restaurant staff to view the customer placing the order for even more personalized service.
  • A Thermal Management System, which can be used in all outdoor environments and operates in temperatures from -4 degrees Fahrenheit up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
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