Stayntouch PMS Announces Full 2-Way Integration with Pegasus Central Reservation System

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Stayntouch, a provider of cloud native hotel property management systems (PMS) and contactless technology, announced today an enhancement to its partnership with Pegasus, an award-winning global provider of revenue and distribution strategy solutions. Stayntouch PMS now offers a full 2-way integration with Pegasus Central Reservation System (CRS).

Pegasus CRS allows hotels to take full control of their global distribution strategy, with a flexible and scalable solution that includes advanced rate and inventory management tools. Pegasus CRS delivers a range of features to be leveraged by Stayntouch customers, including:

  • Comprehensive world-wide distribution coverage through all major channels, including OTAs, channel managers, GDS, metasearch, and direct; 
  • Advanced rate tools, including dynamic pricing rules and intelligent formula-based pricing controls; 
  • An intuitive user interface that delivers easy brand-level and multi-property rate and inventory management; and
  • Flexible APIs and configuration to meet the unique needs of the clients brand and tech stack. 

Stayntouch’s enhanced integration with Pegasus CRS will provide full 2-way integration for groups, reservations, availability, rates and inventory, allowing for more seamless communication between the two platforms.

Gautam Lulla, CEO of Pegasus, commented, “Our partnership with Stayntouch is rooted in a shared commitment to helping our joint customers get the most out of their technology. This  enhanced connection streamlines the data flow between Pegasus CRS and Stayntouch PMS and brings out the best of both platforms, allowing hotels to take the guesswork out of complex demand and distribution strategies.” 

Michael Heflin, the Chief Revenue Officer at Stayntouch, replied, “Stayntouch PMS not only unburdens the guest experience, it’s designed to unburden hotel ownership as well. By incorporating enhanced 2-way functionality for reservations and groups into our existing Pegasus CRS integration, we make it easy for clients to intuitively optimize their rates and distribution, and ultimately maximize revenue.”

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