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Station Casinos Wins with BI Software

Station Casinos has implemented Ctuit RADAR throughout its 183 restaurant, bar and concession locations. With the web-based above store reporting solution, Station Casinos can now access detailed insight and benchmarking data to better understand the performance for all of its locations.
Station Casinos required a solution to efficiently distribute reports to large groups of employees and management, as well as ensure workers knew how to utilize information generated in the reports for maximum benefit. By implementing Ctuit RADAR, the company enabled its staff, including restaurant managers, executives, sous chefs, and property managers, to gain visibility into the performance of their respective business units.
With Ctuit RADAR, employees access benchmarking reports to compare sales and labor data from similar restaurants at Station Casinos. This information allows management to analyze and compare why one outlet is performing better than another (i.e. running more specials, different contests, “rock star” servers, etc.).
Ctuit RADAR is a complete above store, BI, Analytical and Financial reporting tool that gives the entire management team deep insight and control to quickly identify trends and operational issues. Ctuit RADAR users make informed, fact-based decisions critical to success.

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