SpeedLine POS Call Center & Web Collaboration Gives Restaurant Goers More Ways to Order

Restaurant point of sale developer SpeedLine now supports new restaurant call center options, in collaboration with SpeedLine Technology Network members Stellar Restaurant Solutions and Delphis Software.

These hybrid restaurant ordering solutions combine affordable online order entry and state-of-the-art call center facilities, directly integrated to the restaurant POS systems, to reduce costs, increase sales, and improve service quality.

Stellar offers a range of call center service options, using their professional call center agents or the restaurant company's own call center staff.

Delphis Software provides the call center order interface, as well as an optional web ordering site for the restaurant company. Through SpeedLine OrderLink Gateway, orders from the call center and Web site are delivered instantly to the POS system at the restaurant.

For restaurant companies looking for gains in service efficiency and sales, this new collaboration provides a range of affordable call center options. And it gives restaurants the ability to offer patrons multiple ways to order (online, call center, mobile, text, and IVR) with seamless integration to the SpeedLine POS systems in the restaurants.

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