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Shift4 Announces General Availability of Its Integration to Oracle Payment Interface

Shift4 announced the general availability of their integration to the Oracle Payment Interface (OPI). This integration provides fast, secure and reliable payment processing to thousands of merchants who use Oracle’s point-of-sale and property management solutions.
Shift4 continues to work with Oracle as an existing Gold Partner and a member of the Oracle Partner Network, further enhancing its joint solutions and service offerings to yield a superior solution for hoteliers, restaurateurs, retailers and more.
DOLLARS ON THE NET, a reliable payment gateway foundation that provides services like transaction auditing and management tools and OPI, facilitates business optimization for Oracle’s OPERA, RES 3700, LES 9700, Simphony 1 and Simphony 2 solutions with EMV, PCI-validated P2PE and Shift4’s unrivaled tokenization solution, all offering advanced protection against breaches and greatly reducing PCI scope. 
Shift4’s U.S. EMV certification with OPI supports chip-and-PIN, chip-and-signature and Quick Chip verification methods and offers the ability to use a number of EMV-capable payment devices using USB, serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Shift4 currently supports Ingenico Group’s iPP320, iPP350, iSC Touch 250, iSC Touch 480, iCMP, iSMP Companion, iSMP4 Companion and iWL250 and Verifone’s MX 915 and MX 925. All of these devices support True P2PE and offer NFC/contactless capability to enable mobile wallet acceptance, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and more. 
Shift4’s complete bank and processor neutrality allows merchants to connect with any of the major U.S. processors, offering merchants the freedom to negotiate the best payment processing rates.
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