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SevenRooms Launches White Label Booking Widget

SevenRooms said it launched a a white label booking widget that will allow restaurants to book reservations for free, directly from their websites, and plug-in to a whole suit of other tools to help improve profit margins. SevenRooms is the tech provider for many of the country's top restaurants including Cosme in NYC (just named one of the world's top 50 restaurants), Tom Colicchio's restaurant group, The Nice Guy & Otium in LA, and many others. Thomas Keller of French Laundry is also a SevenRooms investor. 
Traditional competing reservation systems cost upwards of $7.50 per person. That means a 4-person table can cost $30 before anyone even walks in the door, which could be the entire profit of the meal. Plus, restaurants will get access to their guests' data. A social login pulls in guest data like name, birthday, and job title, which feeds directly into restaurants' databases. This allows venues to drive additional revenue through more effective marketing.
The tool also encourages off-hours reservations. It allows venues to drive off-peak traffic with emojis that indicate perks from the restaurant (such as a free drink or dessert) offered when booking low-traffic time slots. And the tool will help restaurants to add incremental value by helping restaurants to up-sell and pre-sell experiences and special tasting menus, for example, which helps them earn additional, high-margin revenue before the customer even walks through the door. 
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