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ServiceChannel Revolutionizes Facilities Maintenance with IoT-Fueled Asset Tagging and Management

ServiceChannel, an online marketplace and SaaS platform for facilities managers, contractors, and technicians, introduced enhancements to its Asset Manager capabilities, to provide increased visibility into the details of all physical assets, including work history and maintenance, warranty, and preventive maintenance information. ServiceChannel utilizes new Asset Tagging and management technologies in this solution, which helps the company to extend its Service Automation suite, and further accelerates the transformation of the multi-billion dollar facilities and contractor management market to a more modern, data-driven and automated approach.

Benefits include the automation and simplification of asset repair and maintenance, and greater visibility into service history, ultimately addressing common inefficiencies and saving customers significant time and money. Asset Tagging, enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, helps customers keep track of equipment across multiple locations, while making it easy to manage asset-based work orders. Key features of ServiceChannel’s latest release include:

  • Asset Tagging: Uses NFC (e.g. RFID) and QR barcode scanning technology to easily create an asset inventory, retrieve data on the asset, create asset-based work orders and update asset information via mobile devices
  • Warranty Tracking: Tracks all warranties on assets, lowering costs by charging repairs against warranty services
  • Refrigerant Asset Management: Tracks attributes specific to racks and assets that contain refrigerant
  • Analytics: Enhances asset reports in Analytics with new data that is tracked
  • Preventive Maintenance: Provides FMs with valuable information to properly maintain their assets before small problems become big, costly ones

Other related enhancements will be rolled out later this year, including asset component management, further IoT-based asset management and asset-based audits. The overarching goal is to simplify facilities management and lay out an “asset first” foundation that enables self-managed facilities in the future.

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