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Selfbook Launches to Help Hotels Drive Direct Bookings and Increase Revenue

Selfbook, a unique, comprehensive software enabling hoteliers and operators to drive direct bookings and increase revenue, has launched. With a Webby Award’s Nominee already under their belt, Selfbook empowers hotels with a one-tap payment, directly on their website, streamlining the bookings process and minimizing layers of admin that can result in missed booking opportunities. The platform launches at a pivotal time in an industry shattered by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Selfbook gives new opportunity to hotels recovering from the devastating effects of COVID-19 on travel and hotels while simultaneously adapting to a newly-accustomed consumer who now expects and relies on mobile and digital wallet payments. Selfbook facilitates existing booking engines such as Synxis and is the only direct payment platform supporting Apple Pay, Google Pay and APMs (alternative payment methods).

Change is necessary; now more than ever. Amid this global transformation that has crippled the travel industry, Selfbook will help propel the industry forward and empower hotels with better ways to recover and reconnect. The evidence of this is both external and internal. As the industry re-builds itself, we are fast becoming a sought-after company to work for; an indication of the desire for change and innovation in an outdated sector.” states Khalid Meniri, Selfbook Founder.

With the launch of Selfbook comes the acquirement of key industry talent, including Gautier Colin, Director of Sales & Partnerships, who joins with extensive sales and marketing experience from EDITION Hotels, Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, Leading Hotels of The World and Preferred Hotels & Resorts, and Aaron Serrato, a former executive at Expedia Group who takes on the role of Vice President of Sales.

Instantly activated with a single line of code and built-in to the booking interface, Selfbook groups multiple services (restaurant bookings, spa appointments and activities) into a single checkout experience to easily drive upsells and increase revenue.

The platform leads with three core features:


Selfbook optimizes the bottom of the funnel and removes disruptive redirects to old, form-heavy booking templates, helping hotels reduce booking abandonment and boost conversion rates. The rate intelligence feature, offers customers the flexibility to choose a set package or a base rate and premium add-ons such as upgrades, breakfast, as well as extra services and amenities (restaurant, yoga, spa, etc.), providing greater price transparency, convenience, and trust.


The only direct booking technology supporting Apple Pay and other digital wallets, targeting the fastest growing audience of mobile-savvy customers. Selfbook verifies the validity of all credit cards before passing them to the hotel’s Central Reservations System, using a multilayered approach of end-to-end encryptions, rate rules, and built-in security controls ensuring fraud prevention and eliminating inventory hijacking.


Selfbook works with leading partners across the hospitality ecosystem to seamlessly unify the booking experience, providing an 18% lift in Average Order Value by enabling customers to select multiple services and add-ons in a single checkout, regardless of rates complexities such as prepaid, guaranteed, and deposits. Selfbook's proprietary payment technology, dispatches secure tokens and confirm payments with each vendor in the checkout flow.

There are no setup or upfront fees for hotels to use Selfbook. In a world where hotels continue to rely on outdated desktop-heavy booking templates, Selfbook is setting a new standard of simplicity, flexibility and privacy.

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