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Salsarita's Generates Attention and Sales with Digital Menu Boards

Salsarita’s has chosen WAND Corporation as the exclusive supplier of Digital Menu Boards (DMBs) for their restaurants. Salsarita’s cited WAND Corporation’s growing reputation as the top innovator in digital solutions as the reason for the decision. This reputation is supported by their creative content that generates unequaled digital engagement, their ability to provide metrics to analyze the impact of Limited Time Offers (LTOs), overall profitability and WAND Total Restaurant Management (TRM) providing real-time content and price management.
Salsarita’s was acquired in 2011, and the new leadership made it a priority to keep things “fresh and engaging” to attract new guests. The WAND Creative Services team has received multiple awards for its content over the past year.
WAND digital engagement meant more to Salsarita’s than just getting their guests’ attention—they also wanted it to generate sales. WAND’s analytics also give Salsarita’s the ability to show if a featured item is influencing purchase behavior.
WAND Digital is a web-based digital content management system that allows new content to be uploaded by WAND Creative Services using WAND TRM and provides the ability for it to be instantly deployed by store, market or chain-wide.  It also features automated advanced day-parting, automated menu scheduling and 100 percent compliance of content across multiple locations. 
Salsarita’s has installed WAND Digital Menu Board (DMB) technology at more than 30 of its 80 locations.  Plans are to have digital menu boards in nearly all stores within 24 months.

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