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Ruth's Chris, Morton's & More Tap Compeat to Reduce Costs, Manage Butchering Process

Compeat Restaurant Management Systems provides Back Office and Accounting software solutions to the food service industry. While Compeat has installations with restaurant operators in virtually all segments of the food service industry, a surprisingly large number are with Steakhouse chains.

Steakhouse chains utilizing Compeat software include; Weber Grill, Morton's The Steakhouse, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, Black Angus Steakhouse, Dickie-Brennan's Steakhouse, Arigato Japanese Steakhouse, Ben Benson's Steakhouse, Bald Headed Bistro, and Copeland's of New Orleans.

In addition to increasing control, reducing costs, and improving efficiency, a key reason so many Steakhouses are using Compeat is for managing their butchering processes (cutting individual portions from larger cuts of meat or seafood). Compeat's "Portioning" feature tracks inventory through the entire butchering process -- from primal cut, through individual portions, and on to sale. Portioning efficiency (yields) can also be measured for different suppliers and for each butcher.

Steakhouse stories
Chicago based Weber Grill has implemented Compeat in all of their locations. Weber butchers 90% of their plate steaks. Weber takes full advantage of the Compeat Portioning feature to better control their daily kitchen operations, to minimize inconsistencies, and to reduce product waste. "We find the portioning feature of Compeat advantageous because it gives us the most accurate and up-to date valuation of our most valuable inventory category," says Brad Ritz, corporate purchasing director for Weber Grill. "Compeat provides a significant value to a restaurant concept that has a strong steak-oriented focus and Compeat is vital toward positively impacting our bottom line."

Morton's The Steakhouse, another Chicago based steakhouse chain, is about to open and install Compeat in their 78th store in Miami Beach, FL. Compeat software allowed Morton's to simplify their inventory (condense 77 different inventories into one), more effectively control costs, and gain labor efficiencies. "We selected Compeat over other software providers due to the very robust functionality and the added control provided by an integrated back office and accounting solution," says Ron DiNella, senior vice president and chief financial officer for Morton's.

Charlotte Prime (owner of 3 Ruth's Chris Steakhouses) has stated that they are using the Compeat Portioning feature to achieve one of the lowest meat cost percentages in the industry. "We are continually satisfied with the entire suite of Compeat products including Back Office, Accounting, and Payroll. We are especially impressed with how the Portioning feature allows us to convert catch-weight products into portions that can be easily and accurately tracked through sales and usage," says Paul McGowan, general manager for Charlotte Prime. Charlotte Prime's executive chef, Matthew Brennan, states, "Compeat Portioning is one of the most important features for a Chef in a busy steakhouse if the Chef wants to maintain an accurate inventory and good food costs."

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse is excited to be celebrating 20 years as Chicago's Favorite Steakhouse and Dining Spot. Gibsons utilizes Compeat in all 7 of their locations and will also install Compeat in their new location opening in June 2010. "Compeat has improved our efficiency in ordering, receiving, and tracking our inventory. The added insight and control Compeat provides has reduced our food and labor costs," says Jeff Harris, controller of Gibsons Restaurant Group.

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