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RTN Corner: Restaurant Technology Network Launches New Workgroup

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Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) is launching a new workgroup to tackle labor and technology management issues. The first meeting is Feb. 17 at 2 pm Central.

A cornerstone benefit of RTN is its workgroups, virtual think-tank-style meetings bringing restaurants and suppliers together to tackle crowd-sourced topics. The end result takes the shape of published best practices, technical guidance or industry standards.

Current workgroups include: 

  • Labor and Technology Management Strategies
  • Open API: Transaction Data Standard
  • Open API: Customer Record Data Standard
  • Rest-ISAC Group
  • and POS Implementation Security Best Practices.

RTN's Labor and Technology Management Strategies workgroup is being formed as proposed legislation, such as the Raise the Wage Act, is putting immense pressure on restaurant operators to rethink ways to minimize overhead expenses, while still delivering exceptional experiences.

Meanwhile, table stakes technologies have exploded on the scene to help pivot businesses and recoup losses. How can technology investments make up for lost revenues in one aspect of the business, while offsetting increasing overhead costs overall? Whether it’s related to off-prem operations, scheduling and staffing, or general infrastructure, this group will identify key technologies to consider for maximizing operational efficiencies while keeping an eye on profitability.

All current RTN members will receive an invitation to this workgroup. Non-RTN members can sign up here.


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