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RRT Client Realizes $900,000 in Seasonal Takeout Revenues

Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT) is a provider of order management, call center and technology solutions for restaurants. It helps them to manage and optimize their off-premises orders, as well as implement new custom technology innovations and requirements for operators with high seasonal takeout and catering opportunities capturing unrealized new business.
In the weeks leading up to the 2016 holiday season, RRT worked diligently with one of its newest clients, which operates approximately 15 locations throughout Southern California, to provide a series of new and customized services to support this high-volume of seasonal activity. This client experiences an exceptional increase in volume during the end of the year holiday season. The subsequent new services included:
  • A customized online and mobile ordering portal for their guests along with a customized staff ordering portal.
  • Integration with a new payment provider to authorize payments in advance for guest orders at the time the order is placed compared to the typical process of not receiving the payments until the order is actually picked up.
  • Implementation of product mix reporting for advance orders that provides the future quantity of menu items ordered through the RRT system to assist clients with planning and inventory management.
  • Implementation of a sourced credit card swipe reader that integrates into RRT’s proprietary software
  • Additional POS and CRM integration related to date and time controls to accommodate specific minute selections, custom POS item categories, and non-taxable item features.
  • Ability to send email confirmations to guests at the time of their advanced order as well as an additional reminder email one day prior to the guests’ scheduled pickup time.
  • Implementation of an updated reporting services platform to produce real-time reporting as well as created a customized customer order report, in addition to other standard product-mix reports.
  • Integration with Fishbowl and Google Analytics for additional reporting, trending and monitoring.

As a result, the client realized a significant increase in its holiday takeout and catering business. From November 15, 2016 through December 31, 2016 more than 22,000 orders were placed via online, mobile, phone call and staff ordering portals leading to nearly $900,000 in seasonal takeout revenues. Most of these orders came during very short periods of time right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Prior to partnering with RRT, this client struggled trying to handle and manage all of this volume.
The specific solution breakdowns are as follows:

  • Orders via Mobile:                                                       1,033 orders
  • Orders via Online:                                                       9,004 orders
  • Orders via Phone:                                                       4,347 orders
  • Orders via Staff Ordering Portal:                                  7,713 orders      

The new seasonal custom features greatly enhance RRT’s overall services and are planned to be moved into the standard off-premise offerings to support catering, seasonal and other high volume activity for other RRT clients.

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