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Room 77 Hotel Search Engine now Compatible with Android

Room 77, a hotel search engine that reveals room-specific details, announced that its free mobile application is now available in the Android Marketplace and works with the most popular Android devices available today. Now, travelers with Android devices as well as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can find and share important information on hotel rooms to secure the best room for their needs.
Room 77’s mobile app is particularly useful while checking in at a hotel’s front desk – a traveler simply enters the room number offered by the clerk and Room 77 instantly advises whether to “take it” or “leave it” and presents alternate room suggestions. Users can also search nearby properties, based on their current location, or browse hotels in another destination. As with the website, travelers using a mobile app can also search a range of rooms best-matched to their preferences and check out the simulated Room View, which uses proprietary mapping technology to generate the actual view as if you were standing at the window.
The Room 77 Android App also includes several new features that have been added to the mobile platform since the company’s public beta launch in February, including user registration, which validates the user’s info and makes sharing room data, images and exit floor plans with Room 77 via the app easier and faster. Users simply register with Room 77, snap photo(s) of the room and add tags, rate the room on a few key measures, and then click submit to share their review and photos with other Room 77 users. Mobile users also now have access to Room 77’s Look Inside feature, which provides interior photos, either submitted by a hotel or a traveler, allowing travelers to peek inside a particular room before they check in.
Room 77 is working to index every hotel room at every three- to five-star hotel and resort worldwide and has data on more than 500,000 hotel rooms in nearly 30 markets.

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