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Rooam Launches Payment Technology Platform with Instant Close Tab Feature

Rooam, a payment platform provider for the nightlife and hospitality industry, announced the official launch of its mobile payment app that allows users to quickly open, view and close their tabs directly from their smartphones. A secure and hassle-free payment solution, Rooam reinvents the way users pay for their drinks and enjoy a night out. The app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.
Initially introduced to bars and restaurants in the Washington D.C area in October 2016, Rooam’s technology platform has been rapidly adopted by major restaurant groups, including JosÉ AndrÉs’ ThinkFoodGroup, Neighborhood Restaurant Group, Mike Isabella Concepts and Passion Food Hospitality. Rooam is currently accepted and operated at popular D.C hot spots, including Zaytinya, Eighteenth Street Lounge, Bluejacket, DC Improv, Public Bar and many others.
“As operational demands continue to grow, understanding how to streamline payments and increase efficiency is a high priority within the hospitality industry,” said Stewart Newbold, director of operations of ThinkFoodGroup. “We’re excited to partner with Rooam because it provides added protection against fraudulent transactions and provides our restaurants with a faster and more secure payment process. Using Rooam’s solution gives my staff and I more time to focus on delivering an enjoyable experience.”
Built with the user experience in mind, Rooam’s platform allows users to quickly pay for food and drinks directly from their smartphones, eliminating the need to wait or catch a bartender’s attention. Users can simply open the app, choose their location, and select ‘Open Tab.’ Guests mention they are using Rooam and order with the bartender or server. Once users are ready to leave, they review and close their tabs with one click of the close tab feature. Additionally, Rooam locations publish live events, allowing users to discover what's trending and happening in real time.
For bars and restaurant owners, Rooam provides a mobile payment and marketing platform that is easily integrated with major point of sale systems (POS) in the hospitality industry. The integration allows restaurant staff to provide faster customer service, which helps generate additional revenue for restaurants and bars. Rooam’s easy-to-use platform includes an all-in-one dashboard providing data analytics and the ability to view insights and transactions on every Rooam user. In addition, restaurant and bar operators can use the platform to post their own events directly to the Rooam app, giving them the ability to reach and engage with new and existing customers.
“Rooam is an exciting platform that combines convenience for the user via the remote close tab feature, as well as amplified marketing to help venues bring more guests through the door, resulting in greater ROI,” said Erik Bergman, director of operations at Neighborhood Restaurant Group. “I am looking forward to growing our business with the Rooam technology platform."
With 46 percent of consumers increasingly using their smartphones to make purchases, pay bills and send and receive money, consumers are finding mobile payments to be more safe and convenient. As the number of people owning smartphones grow, more consumers will look for ways to implement mobile payments into their lives and become more efficient with their purchases.
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