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Rocco Forte Hotels Gets Pricing Right With Property-Wide RMS

Rocco Forte Hotels has implemented the IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) across its entire estate. Rocco Forte Hotels is a major player in the luxury European hotel market, with a diverse portfolio comprising of 13 luxury hotels situated in major European cities. The group recently opened its first property in the Middle East, Rocco Forte Hotel Abu Dhabi, and is further expanding in the Middle East and North Africa, with four more properties due to open in the region in the next three years.
Christopher Cooper, director of revenue at Rocco Forte reveals that one of the main reasons for choosing IDeaS was because of the powerful analytics driving the IDeaS RMS. “Getting pricing right is absolutely critical to us and the IDeaS Best Available Rate (BAR) Pricing Module, based on price elasticity of demand, automatically recognizes the impact of constantly changing competitor prices,” Cooper states. “Since all decisions are updated 3 times every day, we know that our prices are always optimized to drive the highest possible revenue.”

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