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Revel Resorts Automates Uniform Inventory

4/20/2012, a $2.4 billion lifestyle resort on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, will install InvoTech’s GIMS™ Ultra-High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification (UHF-RFID) Linen System. GIMS will manage Revel’s designer linens and pool towels, establish a perpetual inventory, and track each item’s movement to and from the laundry to eliminate loss. Revel also implemented InvoTech’s GIMS™ UHF-RFID Uniform System.
The 47-story, 1,500-room Revel is the first to use the advanced UHF-RFID GIMS Linen inventory software System to manage uniforms and linens. InvoTech’s GIMS UHF-RFID Linen System will track Revel’s valuable high-end linens and pool towels as they move to and from the laundry. GIMS™ is very easy to use and will establish a perpetual linen inventory and monitor linen aging to maintain Revel’s quality standards. The GIMS Linen inventory management System will identify any linens that are not returned from the laundry via a UHF-RFID Inventory Processing Station.
GIMS provides a highly efficient process through utilization of a UHF-RFID Bulk Linen Reading Station that processes entire carts of soiled and clean linens without manual sorting, counting, or recordkeeping. GIMS also has the ability to most efficiently manage inventory levels of the linen storerooms using portable UHF-RFID handheld readers.

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