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Resort Increases Reservation Revenue 100%

The Greenbrier, a 700+ room, award-winning resort, implemented a reservation sales system from NAVIS to improve conversions and revenue, and track the ROI on its marketing campaigns. With NAVIS’ help the resort increased reservation revenue 100%, boosted ADR, and produced a million dollars in outbound call revenue.
Eighty percent of the Greenbrier’s reservations come through its voice call center. The same time last year, the center took 2,500 calls in one week. During the most recent week it took 4,000 – a 60% call increase. The Greenbrier’s reservation revenue by 100% in the past year.
NAVIS assigns a unique toll-free number to each marketing campaign. When people call the reservation office on a campaign’s number, the system tracks the campaign’s success. When calls reach the reservation office, a NAVIS screen on each agent’s desk displays which campaign stimulated the inquiry. The system also shows the caller’s phone number and demographic profile. Repeat callers trigger the system to display who the caller spoke with and when, and all Greenbrier past-stay information. If the call is for information about a future date, The Greenbrier’s staff sets a ‘call-back’ reminder in the system.
The Greenbrier also launched an outbound call follow-up program that improved service and revenue. When the lines are busy, callers are given the option to leave a message, but they may simply hang up to call back later. NAVIS’ system monitors inbound calls and provides valuable caller source information that includes the caller’s number. Every 30 minutes calls are proactively returned to the people who did not leave messages. Last year the outbound call program generated one million dollars in new revenue.  
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