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Resort Increases Loyalty and Bookings with Personalized Services

Loyalty programs work. Guests who feel valued return to a property and tell their associates about it.  Guests who promote your property are your most credible and effective sales team. Independent operators understand this and many work with NORTHWIND-Maestro to develop creative, personalized and effective loyalty programs.
Smoky Mountain Resorts operates seven properties in Tennessee. All the company’s resorts are tied together on a Maestro Multi-Property PMS to centralize reservations and consolidate all guests in a single, effective Guest Loyalty system. The  reservation team asks every guest that books to join Smoky Mountain Rewards loyalty program. Guests create and update their profiles in ResWave, and track their rewards points on the website. They get valuable points by booking directly with Smoky Mountain Resorts, not if guests book through an OTA.
The company also has partnerships with local businesses that let guests benefit from Rewards membership.
NORTHWIND-Maestro specializes in helping independent operators create and implement flexible easy-to-use Loyalty Programs that drive repeat business. Integrated within Maestro PMS, the Maestro Loyalty System automates the complex process of point tracking, guest access, and redemption that recognizes and rewards guests for their business and keeps them returning. Guests can create their own profiles that list their special preferences such as anniversaries, birthdays, room types and other criteria to create a personalized experience each time they stay at a property. Maestro also lets them monitor their reward point accumulation and other factors with their mobile devices.
To further simplify reward point tracking and redemption, Maestro’s Loyalty System is fully integrated with its ResWave booking engine to minimize errors and automatically add points for reservations. The system accurately tracks and displays point totals so guests can easily redeem them for services or property gift cards.  
Maestro’s Loyalty System converts one-time guests to repeat customers to keep independents ahead of their chain comp-set.  
Maestro’s customizable Guest Loyalty System options include:
- Earned points for referral bookings and corporate bookings, in addition to traveler reservations
- Multi-Tiered Member Levels (i.e. Silver, Gold, Platinum)
- Property-customized point criteria such as rate types, dollars spent, nights spent, reservations, and other factors
- Robust Loyalty reward tracking, data mining, reporting
- Compatibility with magnetic Loyalty ID cards or Gift Cards.
Guests connect to Maestro Loyalty with mobile and social media
Some guests prefer email communication, others text, and Maestro’s Guest Loyalty System makes it simple for guests to view and manage their accounts, reservations and points online their own way. Since Maestro’s Loyalty System is fully integrated with ResWave reservations and Maestro PMS, it provides seamless, real-time availability and rates with proactive yield management.
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