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Remote Hosted BI Platform Safeguards Hotel Company's Data

Highpointe Hotel Corporation has announced that Aptech will host the company’s improved business intelligence system. The upgraded system will automate data gathered from its Hilton and Marriott property systems, STR comp-set input, and other performance sources to create management oversight. Highpointe Hotel Corporation originally installed its Execuvue business intelligence system in 2001 for better performance analysis.
The new Execuvue version utilizes the Cognos 10 platform. Goals for the upgrade include: automated daily flash reporting customized for specific properties, divisions, owners, and distributed automatically in mobile-ready formats; automated distribution of Daily Labor Tracking & Forecast Report; interface with Kronos time and attendance for current labor data; seamless interfacing to BI from Marriott and Hilton PMSes, and Highpointe’s Profitvue enterprise back office accounting for daily combined reports; making all monthly financial reports electronic to give property managers, owners, and partners the flexibility to have reports delivered by email or to their mobile devices; and to develop a one-stop online portal where managers and operations teams can go to receive financial information, labor updates, guest satisfaction and comp set data or other information necessary to improve property performance.
Highpointe’s new business intelligence system will also relieve its corporate team from system responsibility and provide greater data security. Since the system is cloud-ready, the team will access all reports and functionality from browsers. An added advantage of Highpointe’s remotely-hosted BI strategy is that Aptech can easily pull operating information from Highpointe’s Hilton and Marriott properties, as well as from Smith Travel Research’s files, and consolidate it in one place where Execuvue can analyze it.  
Another benefit of moving to the new version is that reports will be mobile-ready. iPads will enable executives and managers will be able to proactively respond to changes in the business while events are still unfolding.

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