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Red Robin Strengthens Bottom Line with Workforce Management

Red Robin Restaurants has selected to deploy UniFocus as its labor management system that helps the casual dining chain match service to demand. Red Robin will use UniFocus to continue to enhance restaurant operations and improve productivity.   With UniFocus’ workforce management system leadership teams can more effectively manage their most valuable and costly asset—labor. 
UniFocus is committed to providing organizations with superior capabilities to drive business performance and continues to create solutions that help achieve company goals. 
The UniFocus Labor Management System forecasts daily and weekly business volumes, ensuring proper staffing throughout the day to meet customer demand.  The applications incorporate changes in the menu mix reflecting what guests are buying, and assigns the appropriately skilled and necessary labor. The right employee will be in the right place at the right time.  The cloud-based resource management modules seamlessly function together to boost employee output.
The scheduling tool minimizes administrative duties allowing managers to spend even more time with customers and staff, thus continually enhancing the guest’s experience. The application incorporates employee availability and work rules guaranteeing accurate schedules in a fraction of the time.  Mobile apps efficiently handle scheduling needs from any location all while delivering an invaluable communication tool for managers and employees.
Leveraging a global presence of various markets, UniFocus specialized applications, services, and training curriculums, dramatically optimize productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately increasing company profit.
Organizations are now able to easily tackle the complexities of workforce management and quality service delivery which strengthens their bottom lines.
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