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Red Lion Hotels Names RoomKeyPMS as an Approved PMS Vendor

RoomKeyPMS reports that RLHC (Red Lion Hotels) named RoomKeyPMS one of its approved property management systems (PMS) vendors eligible to serve the RLHC Select Service Brands (SSB).
“We appreciate RoomKeyPMS' capacity to provide us with solutions that will help move our company towards a streamlined technology-set in order to drive revenue for our brands," said RLHC Vice President of Hospitality Systems Jeffrey Parker. "We believe that solution providers like RoomKeyPMS will help drive efficiency and profitability for our hotel owners by enabling them to better take advantage of hotel automation.”
RoomKeyPMS' proven cloud-based solution, support and interoperability will help drive RLHC’s innovative technology suite of RMS, CRM, GDS and EMV, which will streamline revenue and customer management.
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