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Q&A with Top Women in Restaurant Technology Brittany Maroney

Maroney was among 15 women recognized for their accomplishments at MURTEC.
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Brittany Maroney was presented with the Top Women in Restaurant Technology Innovator Award at MURTEC.

Maroney was among 15 women recognized for their accomplishments.  HT's Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards, sponsored by Paerpay, are now in their seventh year.

Maroney was previously the Head of Marketing for PAR Technology. In June,  Maroney was named Senior Director of Marketing of Transect, a software that finds and assesses land sites. Editor's note: This interview was conducted before her departure from PAR. 

HT:   What led you down this career path?

Brittany Maroney: After 18 years in the brand side of the restaurant sector (including marketing for Raising Cane’s, First Watch and Grimaldi's Pizzeria), the pandemic threw shockwaves throughout the industry. During that period, my brand had to get more creative to keep their doors open and frankly overcome the tech gaps that existed around drive thru solutions, online ordering, curbside pickup, driving loyalty and more. I saw there was a disparity between how restaurants were using technology versus our friends in retail or even hospitality. This inspired me to join Punchh, a PAR Technology Company. The transition to the tech side allowed me to serve more brands, across the industry and share insights on how the restaurant industry should and could be evolving when it comes to technology solutions.

It was and has been a whirlwind over the past two years, but I am thrilled to say in that short time, we -- Punchh and PAR -- have made incredible strides to help innovate the industry. The products we brought to market enabled brands struggling through post-COVID realities that included supply chain issues and labor woes to continue to scale. We became a pivotal partner in launching solutions that impacted guest loyalty, reduced speed of service, provided access to online ordering, improved operations and more. As I grew in the organization, I was able to expand my ability to make impact in the restaurant industry by delivering solutions, thought leadership, messaging and campaign best practices to some of the biggest (and smallest) brands out there.

HT: What aspects of technology are you particularly passionate about?

Maroney: I am particularly passionate about solutions that impact the guest and operator experience, which fortunately most of our product lines do. From online ordering, loyalty and engagement to drive thru tech, POS and restaurant management systems.  

HT:  Explain the importance of mentorship has played in your career. 

Maroney: I count myself fortunate for that. I think there is something special about women in leadership roles and the perspective they can bring. From these leaders, I have learned the importance of compassion, communication, adaptability and empathy. We don’t often think of these as the most critical traits of leaders, but they are fundamental. I can honestly say that I am a vastly different leader today, then I was even a few short years ago. The way I now approach mentoring is with an understanding that everyone has a unique perspective on life and their own goals. The expectations must be clear, trust must be built and enabling cross-functional collaboration is pivotal for the success of the individual. I also want my teams to have a healthy work life balance and embrace their passions, just as I have in this industry.  

HT: What accomplishment within your career are you most proud of?

Maroney: Recently, we launched Subscriptions within our Punchh loyalty platform. It took a few years to perfect and bring to market, and beyond being a great solution, it also brought me closer in alignment to so many amazing teams across the organization of PAR and Punchh. I don’t think of career accomplishments as awards or recognition, but rather as the relationships I’ve gained and the projects I have navigated. Those are the times that make me feel fulfilled.

HT: What does it mean to you to be nominated for and win this award?

Maroney: It is incredible to be nominated for this award because its validating that technology solutions are and can be more than just vendors. We are helping change the landscape of what the modern restaurant looks like and that has been a dream of mine for some time. I am passionate about the brands we partner with and serve, so being recognized for uplifting this amazing community feels like the highest honor. Together, we will build a brighter future for the restaurant industry, and it takes all of us to continue to innovate moving forward.  


About the Top Women Awards

After a call for nominations, Top Women in Restaurant Technology Award winners were chosen by Hospitality Technology magazine editors and members of its Research Advisory Board. The winners were announced and honored during an awards program on March 8 at the 28th annual MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference), in Las Vegas. HT will begin accepting nominations for the 2024 Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards in mid-October. The 2024 awards will be presented in Las Vegas, March 11-13, 2024. 

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